Book Review: The Book Thief

Inspired Life with Jess || Monday 14

I’m going to start by saying that I loved this book! Right from the start, I was hooked, and I think it was because of the interesting writing style, since this book is narrated by Death.

The Book Thief is based in Germany between 1939-1943 during World War 2. It centers around the life of 9-year-old Liesel Meminger, who is sent to live with a foster family, the Hubermann’s. She makes some great friends while there, and develops a love for books with the help of her foster-father when he teaches her to read. She starts to collect them early on, picking up the first one, The Gravedigger’s Handbook, from the snow just after her brother’s death, and then stealing more as she comes across them on her journeys, and eventually turning to writing her own.

Death narrates the story after encountering her multiple times starting with her brother’s passing, and on the final time, when he picks up her journal, leading to him retelling her story about the political situation in Germany deteriorating and her exposure to the horrors she encounters in a war-torn world.

It is very well written, and jumps between Death’s thought’s and Liesel’s experiences quite seamlessly. Markus Zusak is quite talented to write in such a way and paint such a vivid picture. Right from the start I was captivated with the story, and was only disappointed at the very end since I felt like the book ended a little too early for me and could have had a bit more detail about what happens to Liesel at the end of the story. Overall, I give this a 4.5/5 though.



6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Book Thief

    • I have not yet seen the movie, although after reading the book, I am quite curious as to how it would show the perspective it’s written from, so I think I will watch it some time soon!


      • I have it sitting in my blu ray collection but I am a little scared to watch it tbh, I just don’t see how it could do it justice. Let me know how you find it once you do watch it

      • Yeah, I can understand where you are coming from. I tend to find movies a let down if I’ve already read the book as is, and with the writing perspective, I can’t work out how it can be pulled off in movie form!

      • Yeah so true… I think the only movie that I have enjoyed more than the book was P.S I love you and that is only beacuse they changed it so much. When do you return to Sydney?

      • I haven’t actually seen that movie or read the book. I find if I watch the movie first, I can enjoy both on their own merits a lot more, whereas once I’ve read the book, my expectations are a lot higher. Maybe that’s the secret to it!

        I actually came back to Sydney last Friday night. Next time I’m down that way (probably won’t be for another year though), I’ll let you know in advance 🙂

        How is your leg? What did you actually do to it that you weren’t able to walk? I hope your getting better!

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