10 Things – Favourite Places to go for Art Journalling Inspiration

Inspired Life with Jess || Art Journalling Inspiration

If you’ve seen any of my recent posts, it won’t come as any secret that I am getting right into art journalling lately! I have been loving it, to say the least, and making at least 2 pages a week for the last few weeks, but have a list of ideas a whole lot longer!

I thought today that I would share some of my favourite places to go for art journalling inspiration.

  1. First up is the Get Messy Art Journal blog. I signed up when it first opened, and while I didn’t really do much with the first 2 seasons, I have been following along quite well with this Season of Adventure. There are lots of great techniques shared, and weekly prompts and ideas. I love it!
  2. The #getmessyartjournal tag on Instagram is one of my favourite ones to check out. I love seeing photos of other people’s work and have found many great Instagram accounts from here.
  3. Art Journalling 101 on Big Picture Classes is a wealth of inspiration! I am still working through the class, but I have read all of the prompts and I am a little over half way through working on them as well. This goes through choosing an album, tools to use, prompts, techniques and a whole lot more. I love the pages I’ve made for it so far! Also, the feedback from the instructors in the comments and on photos is amazing!
  4. On the topic of Big Picture Classes, I also the love Inspired Art Journalling class, although I have not yet started working on the prompts for this one, only watching the lessons. Olya, the instructor, has such a fun, playful style!
  5. Smile and Wave’s 52 Weeks of Art Journalling. I missed out on this when it was on A Beautiful Mess and I thought I’d missed out for good, but then I managed to find that it had moved to Rachel’s blog instead, and I was ecstatic! So much goodness here… A whole 52 weeks worth!
  6. Lauren’s blog here. She’s one of the founders of Get Messy Art Journal, and also one of the instructors for Art Journalling 101, so of course she had to be on the list! She’s also a world traveler, which I adore! I love her use of paint on her pages so much!
  7. Caylee’s blog here. She’s the other founder of Get Messy Art Journal, and the other instructor for Art Journalling 101. Another world traveler who’s sharing her adventures online after just moving to Germany, and I’m loving hearing about her adventures too!
  8. Pinterest, of course, has to be included! If you do a search for Art Journalling, there are tons of page ideas, prompts and resources at your finger tips. Even if you don’t click on anything and just look at the images, there is so much on offer!
  9. I want to sign up for Paint.Plan.Play through Studio Calico at some point, too. I missed this first round, and I didn’t think it would be something for me, but the more I get in to art journalling, the more I like the sound of it!]
  10. Everyday life. It might be a magazine page, a sign I walk past, colours in a store window, a random leaf from the ground, something I hear someone say, a random journalling prompt I see somewhere, something amazing that happened, a super long to do list, a technique or supply I want to try or oh-so-much more! This can be the best inspiration all round sometimes!

What do I do with all this inspiration, you may ask? Well I have a word document on my computer to save ideas, whether it be a technique or journalling prompt, and I also save some images to a folder here as well, as a visual representation of the idea. It keeps everything in one place so I know where to look. I have also started a notebook for when I am out and about.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


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