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Enjoying: A day off work since it’s the Queen’s Birthday public holiday. This means I get a sleep in!

Reading: The Kill Order. It was awesome to sit out in the sun and start a new book!

Drinking: A vanilla latte while out on a coffee day with Michael

Cooking: An amazing roast beef in garlic and red wine. I’ve never made a roast beef before and it was so good!

Feeling: Like my shoulder is on fire since I seem to have slept on it funny over the weekend

Walking: A whole lot this weekend! 25,105 steps yesterday at the zoo with Mum and Bec, then another 10104 steps today going for a decent walk with Michael. I never manage that many steps on a weekend!

Loving: The new quilt cover and blanket that I brought last week. It looks great on the bed, and even Michael approves of it!

Eating: All the veggies I can get my hands on! I’m hooked on roast veggies of every sort at the moment!

Working: On making art journalling a habit. I’m going well so far, making a couple of pages a week, and loving it big time!

Wearing: Cozy pajamas and a warm dressing gown since we’re starting to feel the winter cold here in Sydney



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