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Inspired Life with Jess || Around Here

Helping: My sister to straighten up her place now that she is housemate-free

Loving: Her cute little kitten, Princess, even if she did send me into a panic thinking I lost her when she disappeared (fell asleep in Mum’s cupboard)

Calling: Lots of glass repair places to get quotes for a window for my sister

Working: In plenty of knitting between the 2 blankets and a headband I decided to make

Sending: Out well wishes for my Dad who had surgery on his eye yesterday to get rid of cataracts

Driving: For way to long between my sister’s place and home. I’m a terrible passenger and sleep most of the way on Michael

Excited: That Mum will be home on Tuesday after 8 months living in the US! She’s been gone way too long!

Feeling: Nervous since I have an interview next week and haven’t had one in years! Excited nerves really.

Watching: Plenty of Reno Rumble at the moment. I love renovation shows… They are the only reality TV I can stand!

Deciding: To take my new piercings out. I had my ears pierced a 3rd time last week as practice for my brother-in-laws sister. They’ve gotten infected, and since I wasn’t all that thrilled for them anyway, they’re gone as of today




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