Grateful For…

Grateful For || Inspired Life with Jess

I’ve been feeling quite grateful lately, so after being inspired by Ali’s post here, I decided it was worth sharing a list of some of the top things I am grateful for. Twenty seemed like the perfect number for me, so here’s what I’ve come up with over the last couple of nights:

  1. That Michael is back home from his night away for work. I always miss having some one to hang out with in the evening, even though he was only gone for one night this time
  2. The electric blanket we have on our bed. The nights are getting quite chilly here at the moment, so this helps to keep us toasty warm!
  3. Socks and pajama pants (for the same reasons). I don’t like being cold!
  4. Technology, namely FaceTime and good internet, because it allows me to chat to Mum while she’s living on the other side of the world
  5. Creative time and the long list of inspiring ideas I have in my head
  6. Podcasts while commuting to work. I listen while on the train, and sometimes instead of the radio while driving. The ones I currently have on my list are Elise Gets Crafty, Creative Start, Raise your Hand Say Yes, The Lively Show and Creating your Own Path
  7. New routines. I’ve been working hard at making the bed each morning, taking the washing downstairs each day, and doing an evening tidy up each day
  8. The weekend and time at home working on some fun projects
  9. For the fact that I enjoy knitting now. When I first tried it, I hated it, but now I find it so peaceful!
  10. New shows that are right up my alley. Currently it is Reno Rumble, a reality show all about renovating (weirdly, I hate reality TV, but do enjoy the renovating shows)
  11. Getting happy mail. This week I have had 2 pen pal letters, a book, new jeans and some flair badges delivered. So much nicer than bills!
  12. Books that I am excited to read. My two latest ones are The Kill Order and A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home
  13. Good food and good company over the weekend. I love having people visit us!
  14. Trying new recipes. Sometimes they end up good, other times not so much. It’s fun though, and the results are always interesting!
  15. Tissues! I have an endlessly runny nose when it’s cold!
  16. Writing regularly again. It’s been awhile, and I have missed it!
  17. Tea. It is my favourite thing to drink in the cold weather, even more than coffee!
  18. New indoor plants, especially when it’s a free one that would have cost $90 if we had to buy it ourselves!
  19. Making progress on the house. We have our monthly list of goals, and it keeps us on track and getting a lot done! I will share more on this soon
  20. Working on organising my craftroom. I’m making great progress, and you can even see half the floor again! (Yes, it was that messy!)

These lists are so fun to put together. I love the reminder to be grateful on a regular basis, and need to remember to do this more often!


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