Art Journal Page

The weather here in Sydney has been pretty crazy the last few weeks. And by crazy, I mean there have been massive storms, power outages, hail, and endless rain (with a few days of limited sunshine in between). I don’t mind the rain, it makes for fantastic weather to curl up and read in, but when it is as relentless as it has been, it can become a bit depressing being cooped up inside and stuck walking through the rain to and from work.

Weather Art Journal Page || Inspired Life with Jess

To counter the depressing vibes of being stuck inside, I decided that I would work on a weather inspired art journal page. It started with an idea to hand cut raindrops out of patterned paper (and I ended up with way more than I used!). From there, I was inspired to splatter some blue mists on the background paper. The raindrops didn’t stand out as much as I wanted, so I decided to ink the edges.

Weather Art Journal Page || Inspired Life with Jess

This is where my page sat for a few days while I decided what to do next. I decided that to have rain, I needed rain clouds, so after searching the Silhouette store, I found these ones here, and cut them out of silver card stock. I thought grey would be a little to drab, so silver was perfect for it! I also cut the words “Rain, rain, go away!” across the top. Even if I didn’t have a Silhouette, I would have hand cut the clouds and used letter stickers.

Weather Art Journal Page || Inspired Life with Jess

The edges of the clouds needed a little definition, so out came a grey marker. I then glued it all together, and absolutely love the end result! While this page took longer than I expected to put together, I think it sums up my mood with the weather pretty well right now.


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