Michael’s Christmas Present

Inspired Life with Jess || Yearly Art Journal

Call me crazy, but I have already made a start on Michael’s Christmas present for this year. I had an idea just before Christmas that I fell in love with, and knowing that it will be one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever done, I decided I better get started as early as possible!

Inspired Life with Jess || Yearly Art Journal

This year for his present, I am making a book that records our year together. Big things, little things, and everything in between. I am using an A4 visual art book, and made sure it has about 100 pages, so that I have enough room for the year. I am doing a double page spread for each week, and adding in random art journal pages and notes and things in between.

Inspired Life with Jess || Yearly Art Journal

Some things I am including throughout this book will include photos, hand drawn images, business cards and tickets for when we go places, random memorabilia that fits within a week, things like grocery lists and what we are eating, house projects, date nights, little things I love about him, events that we go to like family birthdays, and I’m sure there will be much more! As for supplies I am using, since I want to keep the book fairly flat, I am sticking mostly with stamps, washi tape, and paints or pencils for colour.

Inspired Life with Jess || Yearly Art Journal

I plan on working on this every couple of weeks, and printing photos about once a month once I know roughly what size I want them to be. And the best  part is, he doesn’t know a thing about it, since I can do some of it at work, while visiting my sisters or when he is away for work, so I should be able to keep this as a surprise for the whole year!

Inspired Life with Jess || Yearly Art Journal

You can see that I plan the pages out in pencil first, just to get an idea of where to place photos or memorabilia, what to journal about, and where I want to add a doodled image. This makes it a lot easier to work with when I sit down to work on the album to say the least! I still have to add the photos to the pages that I’ve completed so far, but I’ll probably do that over the weekend.


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