Around Here

Inspired Life with Jess || Around Here

Around here I have been planning meals for the week and can’t wait for all the good food we will be eating!

Around here I have not brought breakfast or lunch a single time all week! It is one of my goals this year to limit the amount of money that I am spending on food at work

Around here I am reading Maze Runner. Loved the movie and didn’t even know it was a book until recently. I now have 3 books from the series, but need to get the prequel

Around here I am excited that we get fly screens installed next week, since it’s been hot and I can’t wait I get to sleep with the windows open without getting eaten alive by mozzies!

Around here I am really enjoying making cards. It feels super special to give handmade cards to everyone for their birthdays!

Around here I am hooked on Blog Lovin’ as a blog reader! I read blogs between my laptop, phone and work computer and this allows me to always know where I am up to in my reading, and even save my favourite posts that I can refer back to!

Around here I have finally updated my iPhone and deleted a heap of stuff from it, so it’s going a bit quicker. I still want an iPhone 6 Plus though!

Around here I have been spending some time working on Michael’s Christmas present for this year. Yes, I’m crazy for starting early, but it’s going to be a big project! More to come later this month

Around here I am writing daily in my 5 year journal again. I love this book so much! This is now my 2nd year filling it out, and it’s interesting to compare my answers to last years

Around here I am back to doing Pilates and loving the changes I am already seeing in my body



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