Quick Card Tutorial

Inspired Life with Jess || Quick Card Tutorial

For my first birthday card for the year, I thought I’d do a quick little tutorial. This is a pretty simple card to make. I started by cutting out about 8 triangles from patterned paper. The number you need may vary depending on the size of the card and the size of the triangles though. I made these fairly tall, and went with 4 different papers.

Next up I printed a simple sentiment. This could also be stamped, handwritten or done using letter stickers. I cut this out in a rectangle, then cut the corners off to add a little interest. I then inked around the edges to make it stand out a bit more against the background.

Inspired Life with Jess || Quick Card Tutorial

To assemble, I glued the triangles down alternating between facing up and down and starting from about the middle so they were fairly evenly spaced. Once they were glued, I trimmed the overhanging ones at the sides, then used so pop dots on the sentiment to make it stick out a little.

For such a simple card, I love how this turned out, and you could make many different variations by using different patterned papers.


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