25 More Secrets


I impulse buy books sometimes and don’t always get around to reading them

I don’t like pasta much. There, I said it!

To expand on this, now that I’m trying more pasta dishes, I am finding a few I really love!

I have been reading Ali Edwards blog for about 8 years now… It’s the second blog I ever started reading and I’m still addicted!

I’ve only ever dyed my hair once and that was with caramel coloured foils

I’m scared of heights. Especially ladders.

When we were building, I only went up it 2-3 times ever and panicked badly when I had to step back on the ladder to go back down

I have not been wearing my Fitbit anywhere near as much as I really should. As in it’s been about a month…

I currently have over 170 bookmarks in Google Chrome. I usually save them because I want to go back and read them, but never do

I already know what I’m doing for Michael next Christmas as a present

I am lazy. Michael does more housework than I do

I learnt to cook Thai food in Thailand. I love it!

I’ve never seen the Nutcracker (or any live show, really, except Disney on Ice)

I’ve also only been to one concert (Britney Spears) and one music festival (Home Baked)

I suck at making roast anything, and tend to have little luck with a slow cooker

I’m allergic to mosquitoes. I break out in hives if I get bitten a lot. I currently have over 70 spots on my body from going away on the weekend

I used to have a pet scorpion. I thought it would be way cooler than it was

I don’t really drink soft drink

We still don’t own a TV at all and have no intention of getting one!

I want to learn Spanish even with no practical reason for it. I think it’s the sexiest language ever!

My favourite colours are green and yellow

I don’t wear make up at all unless we are going out. Yet I do get my eyebrows waxed every 2 weeks religiously

I bite my nails, although not so much lately. I still can’t manage to get then to grow though

I have brought 3 maxi dresses this month, yet didn’t own a single one before that. I’m obsessed with them!

I have competed in a shooting contest before

*Inspired by Elise’s 25 Final Secrets post


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