Documenting December Daily

In preparation for working on my December Daily album, I like to make up a list of ideas for things I want to document throughout the month. Here is last years list, and while a lot of the things are still the same, I also have a few more ideas to add. There are more ideas here than the 31 days I document, but I’m ok with missing some of them, because I can always use the ideas for other years!

Inspired Life with Jess || Documenting December

  • Your reason for celebrating the way that you do
  • Where your Christmas traditions have come from
  • The day to do currently stuff. What you are watching, reading, listening to, loving, etc
  • New Christmas decorations you have brought or made, and why you love them
  • Who you send Christmas cards to, why you send Christmas cards and postage stamps for the year
  • New Christmas recipes you try
  • A list of things you are grateful for
  • Christmas get-togethers. Who you are celebrating with, where you are celebrating and what you are doing at each place.
  • Is someone missing from your celebrations? For example, my Mum will be on the opposite side of the world for Christmas this year. How are things different for that person where ever they are?
  • A list of things you want to stay the same next year, and things you want to change. This could include changes to recipes or things that stressed you out or new traditions to add, etc



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