Photography: My Reason Why

Inspired Life with Jess || The Reason Why

Why do I take photos? What is my reason for getting behind the lens?

I take photos to capture and record my life. the little every day details. The things I do and love, the places I see, the people I meet, the foods I eat.

\I take photos because I like the challenge of learning new things. A new camera setting, a new composition rule, a new way of seeing light.

I take photos to capture beauty in the world around me. The flowers, the sunsets, the animals.

I take photos because sometimes words are not enough.

I take photos as visual proof of things that happened, that I was there, that I exist.

I take photos to learn more about who I am and what I enjoy.

I take photos to remember details. Where I am, who I’m with, what I’m doing.

I take photos to celebrate the world. Anything that strikes my fancy or takes my breath away.

I take photos because I love being able to look back and see how far I have come.

I take photos to use in many different projects that document my life.

I take photos to see things differently. Through the lens, I tend to notice more, and see little details I would ordinarily miss.

I take photos because I am a visual person, and seeing beauty is something I like to do.

I take photos because they take me back to another time and place.

I take photos because they allow we to share moments with other people.

I take photos to capture moments, thoughts and feeling.

I take photos because it is part of who I am and who I want to be.

I take photos to be reminded of the good things in life, no matter how small they are.


I am currently taking Ali Edwards Lens of Joy class and this reflection has come about from one of the prompts. It has been seriously fun thinking about my photography in a different way!


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