Feeling Grateful


Sometimes it can be hard to remember gratitude when everything is go go go. I’ve noticed lately a feeling of overwhelm from how much we having going on with the house, family visits now everyone is so spread out, and commuting. Because of this, I’ve decided to slow down for a moment to think about some of the little things that I am grateful for.

Sure there is all of the big stuff like living in our own house, being engaged to my best friend, having a good job, and getting to spend time with loved ones, but I really wanted to think about some of the little things that make our life pretty great since they seem to be forgotten when things are tough.


|| That I am developing a green thumb and eating fresh herbs regularly || That I always have a well stocked kitchen || That we have a really good internet connection || That I can take time on the train each day to read, watch videos or listen to podcasts || That there are some great scrapbooking classes that leave me feeling inspired out there, and I happen to do a large share of them || That I get to go on regular weekend coffee dates with my favourite guy || that I have my own craft room where I can spread out and make a mess when I please || The awesome chicken salad rolls at the bakery near my work || That I am inspired to read, write and create || That I can chat to Mum easily via face time, even when she’s away on the other side of the world || Tea || Warm weather and evening walks || Wedding planning and dreaming || That I have endless notebooks to record endless inspiration, ideas, dreams, plans, to dos || My favourite TV shows {The Walking Dead and Revenge} that I can watch while I clean, organise and unpack || That I have duel monitors to make working on digital projects and organising folders much easier || That we have a massive table that I get to spread out on to create || Our new lounge || Wine ||

I need this time today to take a deep breath  so I can take it all in. That little pause reminds me of all the great and little things in my life that I need to savour.


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