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I am becoming quickly addicted to my little garden! I still don’t have much planted in the ground, but I sure do have a large collection of plants! I’m now at 17 indoor plants, and 40 or so outdoor plants, which for a brown thumb like me, is amazing!

So here is a bit of an update:

  • I have 12 cherry tomatoes on my plant! They are still small and green, but this is one of the most exciting developments of my garden overall!
  • I harvest parsley and basil at least once a week. My coriander plant is doing really well too, but I don’t really know many recipes to use it in. I love being able to get herbs from my garden!
  • One the note of herbs, I planted some basil, parsley and chive seeds. The chives didn’t do so well, but I’ve now upgraded the basil and parsley to a bigger pot and they are starting to go quite well! I will be giving some of these to my sister once they are big enough that she won’t kill them straight away!
  • I wanted to try growing some mint, and ended up getting a bunch from the grocery store and putting it in a cup of water to see if it sprouted roots. When it did, I put a splash of Seasol in the water, and the roots developed like crazy! I now have 4 new mint plants out of it!
  • Since potatoes are meant to be good at breaking up clay soil, I planted about 17 or so sprouted ones in the middle of our yard since we don’t have turf. Two of them have sprouted and are growing quite well so far!
  • My garlic plants are not doing the best. I’m not sure if it’s too much water or too much sun, but they are a bit withered
  • My fiddle leaf fig was looking a little dead when Michael’s sister gave it to us. I noticed that it started to sprout new leaves though, and they look quite healthy compared the the few it had when I got it!
  • I have a fern that I took out of Mum’s garden when she moved. It didn’t handle being repotted too well, and started to die off pretty quickly. I thought it was a gonner, but Mum suggested I cut it back and wait and see, and amazingly enough, it’s sprouted quite a few new fronds! It’s actually doing quite well where it is now, even though it’s a spot that should be too sunny and too windy for fern!
  • I now have the coolest indoor planter ever! I saw it a couple of months ago and wanted it but thought it would be an impulse buy so I waited. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though, so I caved and got it, and it’s now one of my favourites!
  • I can not grow succulents. I am currently killing 4 of them quite well! I thought it was not enough water, but even watering them a lot more, they are still dying.

I have been sharing some of my adventures on Instagram under the tag #jessgrowsagarden


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