Around here… I have been in my car a lot driving to and from the Coast. It’s a little over an hour and a half each way. Thankfully, good weather and good tunes makes it go quickly!

Around here… I am loving intentional family time. It’s good to see everyone, especially now that we are all so spread out. Wine, good food, movies and Monopoly make for a fun night! We are talking about book clubs and cocktail nights for the next one!

Around here… I have thought of what pretty sure will be my 2015 One Little Word and I’m excited about it like I can not believe! I’ve been thinking of lots of little ideas related to it, and really need to spend some quality time writing it all down!

Around here… I am wearing in new work shoes and I’m pained by blisters on my heels. Overall the shoes are super comfy, they just rub on my heels for now

Around here… I have been making progress with my craft room and love that it is slowly coming together! I set up my laptop with an episode of anything in there, and just sort one pile at a time. I will get there!

Around here… I have 12 cherry tomatoes sprouting on one of my plants and love that I can eat fresh parsley, basil, coriander and shallots whenever I like since they are thriving in my garden!

Around here… I watched the Sex and the City movie for the first time ever and now I want to watch the whole show! I’ve never even seen an episode before now!

Around here… I am loving the explosion of jacaranda trees that look so pretty and smell so amazing! The pretty purple flowers make me happy, and if it wasn’t for the mess they make, I would have one in my backyard in a heartbeat!

Around here… I have a pen pal card to make and send and I’m excited about a new friendship. I love getting happy mail and picked it up from my sister’s over the weekend.

Around here… We are finally getting a stove top!! I can’t wait to make Thai food again!


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