My Photo History

My Photo History

What is my story with photography?

I really have no idea how I ended up getting into photography. It was kind of just something that happened over time, I think. When I was a kid, Mum used to take photos to document the big events: birthdays, Christmases and the likes. It was at the time of film cameras, so it was a much more expensive hobby back then. I always loved looking back on the old photos of when I was a kid and seeing the clothes we wore, favourite toys and the hints of every day details they tend to capture. But Mum was never into photography beyond taking the happy snaps of life. She’s not into the technical side of taking an amazing image, or the composition of photography or any of the fancier elements that I’ve been trying to learn over the years.

As I kid, I used to shoot with a film camera, usually whatever Mum had at the time, that I would take on school excursions with me. I was terrible at taking photos as a kid though… Half of them would have my finger in the way, would be blurry or randomly of the ground. It was always a lot of fun though, to go around taking photos of whatever caught my eye, and it was even more magically to get the photos back from the developer! As bad as I was at taking photos, it was still so much fun looking at them!

I got my own first camera for Christmas in 2010 and it was one of the best Christmas presents ever! I was so excited about it, and went through the first roll of film pretty quickly. I think it was some sort of old Kodak Advantix, like the C400, where the flash flips up, but I couldn’t find the exact model, and I remember it being black, not grey. But I loved that thing, and took quite a few photos on it over the years! I’m pretty sure I only ever owned one film camera myself, but I know of at least 2 others that I remember using a bit as a kid.

My families first digital camera was some 2MP thing. It took terrible quality photos, but I always thought it was amazing that you could put the photos on the computer. Mum upgraded to a 4MP Sony Cybershot through Chrisco Hampers a few years later, and I loved that thing so much that I brought the same model camera as my first ever digital camera. I worked every Sunday afternoon in a supermarket at the time, and saved up for a few weeks to get it and I was so proud to have brought my own camera! I would have been about 16 at the time. I’ve since upgraded my Sony Cybershot another 2 times, one being about an 8.1MP Cybershot, and my current one being a purple 16.1MP Cybershot that lives in my handbag. Love that thing!

I also own a Canon 60D DSLR that I affectionately call Beast. I’ve had this one since October 2012 and I love this camera! I’ve taken a handful of photography classes in the City over the last year or two (one’s for the basics of shooting on manual, wedding, pets, sports, night and macro photography) and even more online classes such as the one I am doing now, the Lens of Joy, by Ali Edwards. I can shoot on manual, but not very well, so I still have a lot to learn! I have a few different lenses (the 18-55mm  Canon lens that came with the camera, an 18-200mm Sigma lens and my Canon 50mm lens), and I would like to get a good zoom lens and macro lens at some point. I also have a remote which is awesome for night photos!

Other cameras I own include a Polaroid Z230 (which was A LOT bigger than I expected and I have a bit of trouble using it), and an old Minolta film camera that Mum gave me when she moved. I haven’t used this yet since I need to take it to a camera shop to work out what film I need for it, but I will be getting a film for it over Christmas for sure!

Unlike most people, I don’t really use the camera on my phone overly much. I only have an old iPhone 4, so the camera is not overly great, but I do use it to take photos for Instagram. I haven’t been sharing as much lately as I do on occasion, but I’ve always found my photo sharing (and probably my photo taking) ebbs and flows a lot. I don’t like the quality of my iPhone photos as much and I always have my Cybershot with me, anyway, but I do hope to upgrade my phone soon!

While there is something special about looking through actual photos, I find printed photos harder to manage and use since I always need to scan them first, although I have transferred most of my negatives to disk over the years and I’m slowly going back and scanning Mum’s photos. They also never seem to be in the sizes I want. My photo organisation for digital photos requires a lot of work though, so I am hoping to get some good tips from Ali’s class! I also need to learn to edit my photos better.

My favourite types of photography are macro photography, night photography, food photography and travel photography. And to finish up this post, this is my favourite photo I have ever taken of the Sydney skyline.

WITL Monday 20


I am currently taking Ali Edwards Lens of Joy class and this reflection has come about from one of the prompts. It has been seriously fun thinking about my photography history and I’ve enjoyed looking through some of my old photos and reflecting on the cameras I’ve had!


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