Tie Dye Fun

Inspired Life with Jess || Tie Dye Fun

When my sister was in America teaching summer camp, she learnt how to tie dye. She has made some awesome shirts, and over the weekend, me and my other sister have it a try!


  • Fabric dye in multiple colours
  • Sauce bottles do make it easy to dispense the dye
  • Elastic bands
  • Rubber gloves
  • Large zip lock bags
  • Warm salt water
  • White t-shirts to dye

Inspired Life with Jess || Tie Dye Fun

To start with, soak the shirts in the warm salt water. This apparently helps the color stay.

Wring out the shirt and work out how you want to tie it up. I used a bull’s eye pattern, my sisters did a weird twist and tie pattern.

Use the elastic bands to tie off the sections as you want. You will use different colored dyes for each section.

While wearing the gloves, squirt the die slowly into each section to cover the segment. Turn over as necessary.

Store in a zip lock bag for 2 days for the dye colors to really stain the fabric. After this time, rinse the shirts out until the water runs clear.

Allow to dry and wear you masterpiece with pride! I ended up cutting my sleeves a bit and the neckline of the t-shirt so it sits off the shoulders a little.

Inspired Life with Jess || Tie Dye Fun


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