This year, I am determined to try my hand at growing things. I’ve never had my own garden, only a few herbs in pots, so I’m excited to give this a try, especially since my obsession with indoor plants has grown! The plan is to use a couple of leftover pallets to make a small raised garden bed, or if all works out, to get a plant stand from Mum’s work when they’re done with it, so I can try my hand at a few more veggies.

Jess Grows a Garden

So far, I have been sharing my adventures on Instagram under the tag #jessgrowsagarden, and this includes a handful of photos of indoor plants. It’s only over the last couple of weekends that I’ve grown my collection of herbs and outdoor plants. When I moved in here at the end of May, I started off with one indoor plant and 5 outdoor plants. I now have 17 indoor plants and around 20 or so outdoor plants (mostly edible stuff like herbs, tomatoes, garlic and shallots)!

Jess Grows a Garden

I’m super proud of how I’m going so far, since I’ve always been a brown thumb, because these plants mostly seem to be going well! I’ve only lost 3 plants in that time, one because it’s too windy here for a fern, and the other 2 because they seemed to have some sort of fungus develop on them after only a week or so ofhaving them, which I think was from how they were kept a the shop. Even some of the plants that looked terrible when I got them have pretty much come good… Ones that were pot bound or in terrible soil.

Jess Grows a Garden

In this time, I have realised that plants need very little water in comparison to what I always expected, and they are pretty straight forward to grow. I have been researching some of the individual plants that I have, so I can learn more about them as I go, and I have set up a little diary of my plant knowledge. I am also reading 1-Minute Gardener by the guys from The Little Veggie Patch Co, which is quite interesting.

Jess Grows a Garden

I will post another update later in the season to show how things are going, as well. In the meantime, you can still follow my adventures with growing a garden on Instagram.


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