Currently || Inspired Life with Jess

Watching: The latest Game of Thrones season with Michael. Finished it this week and loved it!

Reading: 1-Minute Gardener by the guys from The Little Veggie Patch Co. It’s full of quick and easy to digest information about starting a vegetable garden, and I love the photography throughout!

Listening: To Taylor Swift’s new song Shake It Off on the radio as I drive along with the windows down enjoying the awesome weather. Also, laughing at myself when a car pulls up next to me also with the windows down and starts laughing at my singing!

Making: Progress. It’s slow work, but we have been tackling a few house projects, catch up projects and garden tasks and things finally seem to be coming together

Feeling: Energised from the amazing weather! I love spring so much!

Planning: How me and Michael will tackle housework, budgeting and cooking going forward. It’s been enlightening talking about it the last few days and realising just how much a few things annoy the other person!

Loving: This new house of ours. It was definitely an amazing decision to build a place, and I am so grateful each day I get to do it with my favourite guy ever!



2 thoughts on “Currently

    • Thank you, Kellie! It’s a great book! I’m a brown thumb, so I like that it’s basic, and love the photography throughout! Good luck starting a veggie garden! It’s so much fun, even when it’s in pots! 🙂

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