10 Things – What I want to Grow

10 Things - I want to grow

This year, I want to try growing some veggies. This is my first year to really have some space to grow things, so here are 10 that I am excited about growing this year:

  • Tomatoes, specifically cherry tomatoes. I already have 2 seedlings growing, and I have tried seeds for a 3rd but nothing has sprouted yet
  • Garlic. Michael’s Mum has given me 10 plants, which I’ve repotted and will see how they go
  • Cucumbers. These are my favourite for salads, so I have some seed to try once I have my garden bed up and running
  • Snowpeas. I love snow peas in salads, stirfrys and on pizza. They are also good straight of the vine, so I really want to grow some!
  • Shallots. I brought some of these from the shops to eat, kept them in glass until they sprouted roots, and then planted the bottoms. So far they are going pretty well and are about to be trimmed again for salads
  • Baby spinach. I tend not to use much lettuce anymore, because baby spinach is so much nicer, so I have some seeds for this as well
  • Herbs. I have 2 basil plants, one parsley plant and one coriander plant so far. I may or may not get some more. The parsley is not going well, but so far the rest seems ok. I think I need bigger pots for the herbs though
  • Capsicum. I love capsicum and use it in pretty much everything. I need to get some seeds or seedlings for these as well
  • Daisies. I now have 3 new daisy plants courtesy of Michael’s Mum, so they will be repotted this week into bigger pots since they’ve already outgrown the ones they are in. They are happily flowering away at the moment too
  • An assortment of indoor plants. I have a peace lily, a fiddle leaf fig, some Cordyline plants, a palm, a few succulents, a couple of air plants and a handful of random ones that I’m not sure what they are. I’m up to 17 indoor plants, and I had one when I moved in May!

Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated since I’m new to this gardening journey!


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