Hello, Victoria!

J&M in Victoria

I spent the last week in Victoria. It was just the kind of break I needed to rest, recover and reset! Michael was working there for the week, so I tagged along and ate good food, read plenty, did some art journalling, and explored.

J&M in Victoria

One of the things that surprised me the most about where we were staying is how relaxed and friendly the people were. So many people I met were happy to stop and chat, give directions on how to get somewhere or do something and just smile freely. It’s a nice change to Sydney, where people tend to keep more to themselves and aren’t as open and friendly.

J&M in Victoria

Friday was spent in Melbourne doing a graffiti walk. I’m in love with the street art there. Apparently it changes a lot, but there were some awesome images I came across while exploring!

J&M in Victoria

And something extra special happened while we were away… Michael proposed! So now I get to tie the knit with my favourite guy and best friend! He completely surprised me and made me feel special with roses and all!

J&M in Victoria


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