I Choose – August

I Choose || Inspired Life with Jess

I never used to understand what people meant when they commented about how time flies. I swear the older I get, the faster it seems to go! Someone needs to press pause or set time back to half speed! July flew by, and it was incredibly busy again, but still such a good month! I made good progress with my goals for the month, even when I managed to slice my finger pretty well installing our Colourbond fence. I didn’t get much knitting done, and photography classes kept being cancelled due to weather, but I did pretty well with the rest of my goals!

This month, I will:

  • Finish my black and white knitted blanket. I have about 26 rows left, and I’m determined!
  • Try 2 new recipes. I think one will be something with fish, since we want to eat more fish
  • Build a computer bench for our living room. This is something we decided we wanted way back when we were planning the layout for our house!
  • Complete at least one Unfinished Project
  • Try art journalling. I’ve been seeing so much inspiration around for it lately, and I want to sign up for this class and give it a shot
  • Plan out and start gathering supplies for a travel gallery wall, have a couple of art pieces commissioned and start hanging some things on our walls
  • Go to a photography class in the City. Hopefully some travel photography classes
  • Read a new book. I have 2 that I am excited about (It starts with Food and Dark Places)
  • Take a few days off work to catch up some projects. I feel like I need a break and have gotten behind on a few things with how busy everything has been lately, so it seems like a good time!
  • Send some happy mail. No idea what I will send and who it will be to, but I really feel like now is a good time for it!


Choose was my One Little Word for 2013, that I used to help guide me throughout the year. It’s still relevant in my life, so I will continue sharing an “I Choose” post at the start of each month.

You can see my “Choose” posts here.

If you don’t know what One Little Word is, you can read more about it in this post from Ali Edwards. I will be undertaking Ali’s One Little Word class again this year, and creating an album about my word and the changes it’s manifesting in my life.


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