Around Here


Around here I have been repotting plants in the hopes that I can get them to come good again

Around here we have had Michael’s sister and brother-in-law around and I spent some time teaching his nieces how to make friendship bracelets

Around here I have been having the dishes pile up since we don’t have a washing machine and I haven’t been able to catch up the dishes after cutting my finger badly last weekend

Around here I have been enjoying coffee dates with Michael each weekend. I have been drinking a lot more coffee than usual lately, that’s for sure!

Around here I have finished fully unpacking our pantry and love how much space we have in there!

Around here I have had songs from the Lion King stuck in my head after watching it with Michael (I can’t believe he had never seen it!)

Around here we have been addicted to ANZAC biscuits ever since I brought them  on a random shopping trip. Now I need to try making them!

Around here I am very much enjoying that it is the weekend and wishing it was a little longer since it was such a flat-out week

Around here I am reading Gone Girl and enjoying it quite a lot!

Around here I am planning out a gallery wall for our upstairs living room, and I’m excited about some art work that I want to get commissioned for it

Around here I have been taking lots of photos and enjoying having my camera out again

Around here I am making lots of lists… House to-dos, blog posts ideas and changes, projects to work on, books to read and so much more!


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