Happy Anniversary, Babe!



Dear Michael,

I want to thank  you for our time together over last 5 years. Today is our 5 year anniversary, and I want  you to know that I am even more crazy about you than I was 5 years ago when we first started dating.

I love our adventures together… Travelling Europe, skiing in New Zealand, sky diving and abseiling, building a house together and oh-so-much more! I couldn’t enjoying these things anywhere near as much with anyone else! I can’t wait to see what our future adventures will look like together!

I’m excited that we made it through building a house together. It sure had its ups and downs, and had some very stressful moments, but I feel we’re stronger from it! We have some interesting ideas on our own, but we end up much better ideas than either of us has on our own! I like that we have the ability to work well together over all. Not perfectly, since that would be boring, but well enough that we can get in and get stuff done as we need to. It’s interesting how much more of a planner I am, compared to you, who is more of a doer!

Never forget how crazy I am for you, babe. Each and every day, know that I love you and I’m glad to be on this adventure with you! After this long, you’re stuck with me 😉  I look forward to many more fun times together with you, Babe!

Happy 5th anniversary, Babe!

Forever yours,




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