Scheming: Future surprise adventures for Michael. They may or may not involve hopping on a plane and flying somewhere exotic

Loving: Finally having a proper bed and an expedit after all these years!

Organising: Many boxes of craft supplies onto my new shelves. Love the extra space and that I have somewhere to put it all

Challenging: Myself with Zorb Ball adventures. So much fun, but such hard work to stay balanced and dry!

Enjoying: Knitting a blanket on cold nights, and the fact that it is long enough to rug up in as I go!

Planning: Some project catch up sessions so I can start making some good progress on my unfinished projects list

Listening: To the radio each morning and evening as I drive to the train station. Thinking I really need to get some other music I can put in the car, since the radio shows seems quite repetitive!

Making: Plenty of lists of notes. Projects, house ideas, to do lists, blog ideas, menu plans and lots more

Eating: Even more good food… Hurricanes for my birthday, Grill’d Burgers, Guzman and Gomez nachos, Thai… Still hooked on good food!

Working: On my black and white knitted blanket some more. So far this winter, I have already done another 8 rows, and I have another 29 balls of wool ready to go to complete it!

Reading: Lots of different blog posts that I keep bookmarking to read later as I run out of time for them! I’m even behind on the usual ones that I read each day. I love getting to spend plenty of reading time on the train though


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Loved reading this Jess. It’s like a little insight into your life that your sharing with us all.

    I think that almost daily when I get into my car. While my trip to the school and to the office I work from is a rather small drive I often think an album of some sort would be nice when they play the same thing over and over. Although I do love hamish and andy in the afternoons.

    I can’t wait to see the blanket finished, your going to love it! I wont lie I sleep with mine, haha. Luke keeps warmer than I do and we have had some darn chilly nights. The other night it had fallen off the bed, but I was still holding onto it, security blanket, much, lol?

    I look forward to seeing all your plans.

    Have a great week x

    • Thank you, Kellie! These are some of my favourite posts to write still! Hamish and Andy were always my favourite radio show, but they are never on at the times I’m in the car anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      As for the blanket, it sounds like your’s must be pretty perfect if it’s that well loved!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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