The Walking Dead


Anyone else out there love zombie apocolypse movies and TV shows as much as I do? I go through stages where I just can’t get enough of them! Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about The Walking Dead TV show. My sister, my Mum, my Dad, people from work, one of my favourite bloggers, have all been raving about it. Now it’s usually a pretty good sign I’ll like a book, TV show or movie if my sister recommends it, but I still held of starting it and I have no idea why!

In the last week or so I finally caved, and I’ve already finished the first 3 seasons. It’s an addiction, I swear! One of those shows that sucks you in so you have to keep watching to find out what happens next! I love shows and movies where there is a lot of action. This one definitely fits that category… There is always something new happening, another drama, zombie attack, or missing person to deal with. I love it!

For those who have never seen The Walking Dead, it follows along with the story of Rick, a cop who was shot wakes up from a coma in a hospital only to find out the world he knows is gone. Everyone he knows and loves has disappeared, and instead he finds himself faced with zombies who try to eat anything living that comes into sight. He takes off in search of his wife and kid, who he believes are still alive since the photos from his house have been packed up, and the show goes through his search to find his family, the people he meets and the misadventures they get into, and his role as the group leader where he is always trying to save everyone.

So good and highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys these sorts of shows!

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