Sunday Seven

Sunday Seven

Each month I will be sharing a Sunday Seven post, which will be a round of a few of my favourite things I’ve seen on the web. I like the idea of celebrating some of my favourite sites, along with new sites that I discover and find inspiring.

  • Looking forward to this book by Shimelle and this book by Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess
  • Love this post by Kellie of 20 things to blog about. Ideas galore!
  • This YouTube clip was good for a laugh. Glad my Mum was never that mean!
  • Craving ANZAC biscuits constantly at the moment. Looking forward to trying this recipe as soon as we have an oven
  • I found some fun new Instagram feeds this month, and a couple of my favourites are here and here
  • Thinking I like these album templates for a Winter Manifesto this year
  • I thought this post by Elise about promoting your business through Instagram was quite fun!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!



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