10 Things – House Favourites

Now that our house is built, I’m falling even more in love with it than I did during the process of building it! I thought now would be a great time to list some of the things I love most about our house, as I’m curious how this will change over time.

  1. Our tiles. They were one of the first things we chose for our house when it came to making selections. We spent about 3 weekends in the tile place trying to decide and disagreeing on pretty much all of them except the tiles we ended up with. Once we made our choice, we matched everything else to our tiles though, and it goes really well. Our tiles are one of the best decisions we made! They are not as yellow or as dark in real life though, just hard to photograph.Tiles
  2. We have a pantry! And its massive! The unit we lived in before didn’t have a pantry, and we never had room to store anything. Oh how things have changed since our pantry is now walk in! I love that I don’t have to have 2 extra shelves in our lounge room just to fit it all in!Pantry
  3. Our en suite. It’s vast, has our favourite tiles, and best of all, has an awesome spa! Oh, we also have double sinks and cupboards, so we have our own space to keep everything inEnsuite
  4. We have an amazing outside alfresco area. I think I’ll love this even more come spring and summer, too! We actually decided to take away a rumpus room, against the advice of our builder, so that we could extend the alfresco along the back of the house. I don’t think we will ever regret that choice since we both love entertaining outside, and we have lots of fun plans in the making for this space!Alfresco
  5. Our carpet. We originally choose a darker carpet, more chocolate-brown, but decided to pay the extra to upgrade and change colours. We went light, and it’s a much better match to our tiles and everything else in the house. And it’s super soft, too!Carpet
  6. We decided to change the design of the house to take out the media room that came on the plans so that we could extend the garage and living room. We love our cars here, and have a lot of car parts and tools we need to keep in the garage, so it made a lot more sense to us. It’s much better than the 3 garage shelves of car parts that we kept in the living room of the unit!Garage
  7. Our Harry Potter-style hidey hole under the stairs! We still have to get doors for this cupboard, but it’s turned out to the perfect size for our printer. Side note – One of my sisters and Michael’s nephew have already decided that it’s going to be their bedroom here!Cupboard-Under-the-Stairs
  8. The fact that we have a guest room! We rented rooms out in the unit, so we only had our bedroom and if people stayed, they had to sleep on the lounge. Now, we have the choice of 3 extra bedrooms for guests, and it makes me happy!Spare-Room
  9. I still have a craft room! It’s a similar size to what I previously had in the unit, but I have the benefit of having this space solely as a craft room, not as a craft room/storage space. I have big plans for this space, starting with getting an Expedit for storage, and putting in a bench along an entire wall, with overhead storage above and magnetic whiteboards in the space betweenCraft-Room
  10. How much storage space we have that we didn’t have being in a unit! Along with not having a pantry, we also did not have any linen cupboards or anywhere we could store things like Christmas decorations and camping gear. We now have space for all of this, and it is marvelous!Linen-Cupboard

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