What’s in my Cup?

What's in my Cup? || Inspired Life with Jess

Today I am following along with a prompt from Love Happy Daily’s Blog Every Day in May challenge, about what’s in my cup. Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure I will not manage to blog every day in May, being such a busy month with packing and moving and a heap of other celebrations, but I figured I’d start out and see how I go!

This week has been all about coffee for me. I don’t usually drink coffee daily. Usually I live off water, and have one or 2 coffees or teas a week, especially in winter. I’ve never really needed it for the caffeine hit, but this week has been such a busy one, and I’ve had so much trouble sleeping that it’s been necessary! I think I’ve had a coffee every day so far this week, so I’m hoping over the weekend I can catch up on a little sleep so I can end this coffee trend! I’d rather drink it because I love it, not because I need it!

On a side note, I mostly drink vanilla lattes when I have a coffee. Sweet enough without adding sugar, but depending who’s making it, sometimes a little too sweet. This baby came from mine and Michael’s favourite coffee shop, where the guy who makes the coffees knows he’s our favourite barista!



2 thoughts on “What’s in my Cup?

    • Thank you, Arline! I’m sure I will over the weekend! I’m not the most adventurous coffee drinker, I just like the syrups to make it a little sweeter. Vanilla is a favourite, but hazelnut and caramel are also good! 🙂 If you try any, I hope you enjoy them too x

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