Color Run Fun 2014

Today, our team RedE 2 Run (consisting of me, Michael, Mum, Bec and Samantha) celebrated Mother’s Day in Newcastle participating in the Color Run. We arrived early to pick up our race packs with our bright white shirts, then head to a local cafe for a Mother’s Day feast before heading out.


Since it was Mother’s Day, I made Mum a rainbow tutu. Fitting for a Color Run, don’t you think? She was reluctant to wear it, but she ended up being a good sport about it! We started out nice and clean, but by the 5km mark, we were all quite colourful! The fun continued at the Color Party, where we were given our own packets of colour powder (and somehow all ended up with yellow except Michael!), and had quite a bit of fun covering ourselves some more!


Some of the random sightings for the day included a guy with a HAPPY tattoo across the back of his head (pretty sure it was only a temporary one!), a handful of Smurfs, and a random Unicorn. There was even a bubble section in addition to the orange, blue, pink and yellow colour throws!


To check out some of the fun, you can view some of the official photos here or my post from last years Color Run here. If you get a chance to participate, I highly recommend this to everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy! I hope you had an awesome time as well! Thank you for being a good sport about the tutu! Love you xx



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