Friday Favourites

Five Favourites On Friday || Inspired Life with Jess

Today I’m following along with Love Happy Daily’s Blog Every Day in May challenge. The topic is 5 things I love about Friday, and I have to say, this is such an easy and fun topic!

Friday’s have been a favourite for a long time, since it’s the start of the weekend. There are so many things that  make them awesome, but some of the best are:

  1. Most importantly, the countdown to the home time starts, and walking out the door at 5pm is like instant stress relief from the rest of the week, not matter how busy of chaotic the week was!
  2. The fact that people seem more laid back on Friday’s, like they have already started to drift into weekend mode. Working in customer service, it can make a huge difference to the work day!
  3. I get to stay up super late enjoying whatever I want to get up to, because I know I can sleep in the next morning! Usually it will involve reading blogs, crafting, writing, reading, gaming, or whatever else strikes my fancy at the given time
  4. If Michael is away for work, it is always the day he comes home from his work trip! It’s always good to welcome him home right at the start of the weekend! Added bonus for today is that he’s been away this week and will be home tonight 🙂
  5. I get to make plans for the weekend. I always try to leave the weekend as empty as possible so we can do what we want when it comes along, but Friday is usually the time I start to think about fun projects I want to spend some time on over the weekend

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