Create Everyday Update

I set a goal in April to create something everyday and document by sharing my photos on Instagram under the tag #createeveryday. Now that I’ve finished this challenge, I wanted to share an update here. You can see my original post here, and my first update here.

In the interest of being completely honest, I did not end up necessarily finishing a lot of projects, and some days were just spent planning and getting supplies ready rather than actually creating. I even missed 2 days of photos, which I noticed when I went back through to make the collage. But I did end up creating a lot more than I usually do, which was the whole point of this challenge!

Create Everyday || Inspired Life with Jess

Some of the activities I worked on this month include stitching some Project Life journalling cards, colouring in with Copics, knitting, card making, finishing up my December Daily album from 2012, testing out some fabric markers, working on my One Little Word album from 2013 and this year, taking photos of my creative space, making colourful moving labels, starting a cushion cover, making a knitting needle holder, origami stars, doodled a bookmark, painting, and made a friendship bracelet.

This challenge was harder than I expected. I started out strong, but towards the end of the month, I found it a lot harder to fit some creative time in, even only 15 minutes a day. I put it down to getting sick and having to start packing, which took a lot of time and was quite exhausting! It was very worthwhile though, and I will be trying this challenge again later on in the year once I unpack my craft room in the new house!


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