27 Recipes – Tom Yum Soup

27 Recipes - Tom Yum Soup || Inspired Life with Jess

Michael likes prawns and wanted me to try making this soup after he had it when we were out for Thai. I’m not a fan of prawns, but I decided why not give it a shot?

27 Recipes - Tom Yum Soup || Inspired Life with Jess


500g uncooked prawns
3 medium red chillies
2T vegetable oil
1 ½T galangal
2T lemongrass
6 kaffir lime leaves
¼ cup fish sauce
½ cup lime juice
2t caster sugar
100g mushrooms
100g cherry tomatoes
2T fresh coriander
1.5L water


  1. Peel and de-vein prawns, keeping the shells and heads to make stock and finely chop 2 of the chillies. To make a prawn stock, heat the oil in a pan over high heat and add the chillies, then cook for 2 minutes or so, until the shells change colour. Add water and bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 minutes, and strain through a fine sieve into a clean pan27 Recipes - Tom Yum Soup || Inspired Life with Jess
  2. Add the galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar to the stock, and simmer over medium heat for 15 minutes.
  3. Cut the mushrooms in quarters, and the cherry tomatoes in half, and finely slice the remaining chilli27 Recipes - Tom Yum Soup || Inspired Life with Jess
  4. Add the mushrooms, tomatoes and prawns, and simmer until the prawns are just cooked, around 3 minutes, then stir through coriander27 Recipes - Tom Yum Soup || Inspired Life with Jess
  5. Serve the soup garnished with the sliced chilli and extra coriander

My Thoughts

I’m not a fan of prawns, so I didn’t like making the prawn stock, or the prawns in the soup, but overall, I did think the soup had a lot of flavour! I was surprised to like the soup itself, but found that I’m not very good at cooking prawns and overdone them a bit. This is a bit more labour intensive than I expected for a soup though

Michael’s Thoughts

Michael said this was seriously good, smelt and tasted every bit as good as the restaurant version, but wasn’t necessarily something to make too often since it’s more time consumer than our everyday meals. He thinks it’s awesome that I’ve made it now though.


This is recipe 22 of 27 in my attempt to try 27 new recipes before turning 28 on 19th June, 2014. This project was inspired by my 26 projects challenge from the last year, with a new little twist.

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