Watching: The 4400. I know it’s an old one, but I’ve never seen it and I’m enjoying it quite a lot!

Meeting: With the builder to work out time frames to have the house finished, when we can do the driveway, and any other changes that need to be sorted. They started tiling today!

Listening: To Elise Blaha’s podcast. I quite enjoy when this comes out each week!

Eating: Lots of good food… This weeks favourites include fried beef in sweet chilli, salmon, BBQ chicken sandwiches and Chinese food in the Blue Mountains. I also made tom yum soup for the first time.

Working: On finally doing the finishing touches on my 2012 December Daily (it’s now completely finished!) and knitting an aqua and yellow blanket

Enjoying: Watching an episode of Big Bang Theory each evening with Michael while we eat dinner

Starting: To pack boxes for the move. I now have the lounge room bookshelf packed up, and a box of books to give away.

Loving: Sleeping well! I went to bed at 8.30pm on Thursday night, and managed to sleep right through until 8.30am on Friday, and felt so refreshed from it! It’s the best sleep I’ve had in a long time!

Planning: To spend the next few evenings working on my One Little Word album and starting the packing for my bedroom bookshelf.

Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I’ve read this once before, and I think it is awesome!

Taking: Lots of food photos this week… While out, and of new and old recipes I’m making.

Feeling: Content and happy


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