Create Everyday Update

At the end of last month, I posted about a challenge that I am going to work on this month to encourage myself to spend some time each day working on creative endeavors. So far, we are 18 days in, and I have been going quite well! I have done something creative every day except one, and even that day, I spent time organising and clearing out supplies in my craft room, so it still counts!

Create Everyday Challenge

Some of these projects are bigger projects (namely the 2 knitted blankets I am working on, but also the knitting needle holder and the cushion I have started), but most of them are smaller little creative activities that can be done while watching a TV episode (card making, friendship bracelet, colouring with copics, origami stars and making a bookmark). All of these have been quite enjoyable, and have had the added benefit of being quite relaxing!

Overall, the most practical project I have done has been making the holder for my knitting needles, since I now have a few sets (and more to add to it once I finish both blankets), but the most fun project is making progress on my aqua and yellow blanket (as you can see, I’ve working on it quite a few days!). I knit quite slowly, but it’s still coming together and I love the progress!

If you want to follow along, I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram each day here, using the hashtag #createeveryday. I’d love for you all to join in and share as well, so we can inspire each other along the way. Please share your Instagram name in the comments so I can check out your photos if you do!


4 thoughts on “Create Everyday Update

    • Hi Marie! Time is my biggest issue as well. I only aim for 15 minutes a day, but once I start, I don’t want to stop, so I usually cut out the less necessary stuff in my evening! Plus, I will only watch my favourite TV shows if I’m doing something else at the same time, which makes creative stuff perfect!

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