26 Projects – Knitting Needle Holder


Over the last year or so, I’ve gotten into knitting and started to get a collection of knitting needles. During my craft room clean up, I decided these needed a home, and since I couldn’t find anything to keep them in, I decided to make a knitting needle holder.


I didn’t really have a plan as I went, but I started off with 3 bits of felt as the base, one of which I made into 2 pockets, and the other 2 were used to make the taller length of the holder, since it was slightly too short for what I was after. Above is what they looked like before sewing the fabric in place.

26-Projects-Knitting-Needle-Holder 2

I used 2 fabrics for this, a plain black cotton, and a green and white cotton. I cut 1 piece of black cotton big enough to fold around the short pocket, then did the same using the green cotton for the next pocket, then cut 2 pieces of black fabric big enough to do the front and back of the whole knitting needle holder (one of which I ended up sewing a green strip across for the outside). I then sandwiched the pieces together with the 2 pockets lined up on the inside, then the front and back pieces of fabric face together, and stitched around both sides and the bottom, before trimming the 4 corners and turning right way in, adding the main bit of felt back in, and stitching up the top.


After I did this, I realised the whole thing was a little too stiff and narrow to use velcro to close like I had originally decided, so I cut 4 strips of the green cotton to make straps to tie it closed. These were made by folding one end back, then folding the strips in half right side together, stitching down one side, then fighting to turn them right side it, since they are only about half an inch wide.


I then had to unpick some of the stitches on each side part way down the top and bottom of the holder, so that I could feed the unfolded in end, and stitch in place. These strips mean that when I put the needles in, I just have to tie 2 bows and they’re all away neat and tidy in my knitting basket.


The last step I did was add some stitches on both pockets to stitch the pocket to the backing, so the spots for needles aren’t gaping open. These are the little white marks between the needles on the photos below, and they hold the pockets together so that the needles don’t slide around too easily.


This was a fun project that took me about a day to make (I only sew by hand, so it would be A LOT quicker if a sewing machine was used!), and I love the end result! If you have any questions about how I made this, please let me know!


This is project 25 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha. While my 27th birthday has passed, I’m still working through the last few of these projects.

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