10 Things – Recipes to Try


It’s no secret that I love food! While I tend to stick to a handful of favourite recipes, I do also enjoy finding new things to make as well. Seeing as I’m completing a 27 recipes challenge, I though now would be as good a time as any to share some ideas of things I want to try!

  1. Steak and mushroom pie – I’ve never made pie from scratch and I think this could be quite nice!
  2. Tandoori chicken – Michael wants me to make this one since he is hooked on tandoori whenever we get Indian for dinner
  3. Salmon laksa – Or any laksa, really. I have a hard time finding a recipe for this though… Most ask for laksa past and I want to make it from scratch
  4. Greek lamb meatballs – This was a random one I found in a cookbook that sounds quite awesome to me!
  5. Ravioli – We both love ravioli and I think it could be fun to try to make it from scratch. Not sure what flavour I will try though
  6. Sushi rolls – I love tuna and avocado best, and I figure it might be time to give this one a try
  7. Sausage rolls – Homemade sausage rolls are so much better than store brought ones! Especially when they have good pastry
  8. Honey chicken – This has always been a favourite and I haven’t had it in a very long time!
  9. Vegetable soup – It’s coming into Winter here in Australia, and it seems very much like soup weather at the moment. I want to try to find a good vegetable soup
  10. Sticky Thai pork – Another random one from a cook book that sounds rather amazing to me!

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