Create Everyday


During the month of April, I am undertaking the challenge of creating something every day. I have no set plans as to what I want to be creating throughout the month, but I am super excited for this challenge after so long without making much, especially since I’m in the process of cleaning out my craft room and finding lots of fun supplies to play with!

I’m sure some of these will be bigger projects where I only make a little progress each night, and other’s will be something I can get done quickly. Some ideas may be digital scrapbooking, Project Life, knitting, sewing, painting, decor for the new house and I’m not sure what else. I like the idea of leaving it open and letting inspiration strike!

To start the fun, I found this video on Vimeo about 29 ways to stay creative. It’s such a fun little clip and I love it!

If you want to follow along, I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram each day here, using the hashtag #createeveryday. I’d love for you all to join in and share as well, so we can inspire each other along the way. Please share your Instagram name in the comments so I can check out your photos if you do!


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