Sunday Seven


I’ve decided that once a month I will be sharing a Sunday Seven post, which will be a round of a few of my favourite things I’ve seen on the web. I like the idea of celebrating some of my favourite sites, along with new sites that I discover and find inspiring.

This week, some of the things inspiring me the most include:

  • These hanging planters made from plastic fish bowls from A Beautiful Mess. I already know where I am going to put a set of these in the new house!
  • These Project Life spreads from Trisha. I love the full-page photos, the hexagonal mirrors she shows in one of her pictures, and the differing perspectives in her photos
  • Elise’s Make29 Project. What a fun concept overall! When I saw her March release of the ampersands, I thought for sure I would have to get one, but alas, they were sold out by the time I woke up this morning
  • My sister sent me a link for #100daysofhappy a few weeks back, and I’ve been planning on signing up, but kept forgetting. Seeing the reminder on A Beautiful Mess blog today, I’ve now taken the plunge!
  • These new layered 3×4 templates by Ali. I really like this idea for adding some more simple journalling to Project Life
  • I discovered this blog on Pinterest recently, and I have to say that I have been quite enjoying it. I love all the blog features and printables that she has, and it has given me a few ideas for my blog
  • This post about tackling big projects, also from Elise. Be still, my list making heart! I do this sort of thing for projects as well… Most projects I make have a long list associated to them!

I’m looking forward to this series of posts, since it’s so fun sharing some of my favourites!


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