Inspired Life with Jess turns 2!

Can you believe it? I’ve stuck with this blogging thing for 2 whole years now! During this time, I’ve written over 350 posts here at Inspired Life with Jess! While I never expected to get this far and find it’s not always easy, I can say with all certainty that I love my little home on the internet!


I started this blog on a whim on the 21st March, 2012, and I haven’t looked back! It has always been a place that I can write about anything I find interesting… Crafty projects, recipes, photography, Project Life, travel, my goals and whatever else is inspiring me at any point, and I plan on keeping this up.

Going forward into my 3rd year of writing, I have some blog goals I want to set for myself, since I want to make this little space on the web more successful, and feel that outlining some of my goals here may give me the push I need to focus more on making this little space home.

1. Sort out the categories on my blog

I think I really need to streamline the categories I use on my blog, to help with some of my other goals on this list. I think there will be some that I get rid of entirely, and some I focus a bit more effort on. Some just don’t really make sense to me anymore, but with over 350 posts, this may take a bit of effort!

2. Set up some archive pages with photos

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now. Not necessarily for every category I have, but at least for things such as recipes, Project Life and crafty projects. This visual archive will make posts so much easier to find!

3. Revamp my blog

I’m thinking a new header and a side bar with photos for categories. I think this will be a fun little change! I still love the green, but feel like more photos will be a bit more fitting for me at this point

4. Keep working on my blog photography

It’s probably clear by now that I like taking photos… I have thousands of them! Not all of them are good though, and I want to work on making a higher percentage of them better. I especially want to focus on improving my food photography and my project photography over the next year

5. Work on plenty of new content

I’d love to come up with a regular feature here, but as of yet, I’m not sure what that will be. I also want to work on sharing more creative projects. I don’t share anywhere near as many DIY and crafty projects as I would like, and it’s something I would like to strive for over the next year

6. Schedule posts in advance

I find I have a much easier time blogging when I set up a schedule of post ideas (I usually have each month planned at the end of the month before), and I would like to build on this to have posts scheduled a day or 2 before they are due to go up. I go through stages where I am quite good at it, and it makes things much easier, and I would like to build on the consistency of it

7. Improve my social media skills

I currently use Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and none of them are very consistent. I would like to become a little more consistent with each, and share more on them. Little snippets of daily life, project ideas, things that are inspiring me elsewhere on the web, etc. I think I’ll be giving my Pinterest feed a good overhaul shortly, adding new links, and deleting and organising a heap more!

8. Look into self hosted WordPress sites

I’d love to learn more about web design and would eventually like to create my own self hosted site. We shall see how I go with that one! I can’t imagine I’d change all that much of my blog apart from my goals above, but I think it would be a fun challenge and it would give me more options to grow in the future!

I’m sure there will be more ideas going forward, but I think this is a good start! 🙂


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