Loving: That the new place has the gyprock done… It’s about we got started on the inside!

Feeling: The drop in temperature that shows winter is on the way. I don’t mind the temperature it is at the moment though

Knowing: That I have been way too lazy this month, and done crap on the eating well front. I need to find a way to motivate myself again!

Enjoying: Trying new recipes again. I’ve tried 2 so far this week, and have another planned for the weekend

Hoping: To spend plenty of time creating this week. I haven’t spent anywhere near enough time making this month!

Organising: My computer bookmarks. I never realised how many I had from the last few months. And that’s after deleting hundreds of them in error! They will be read and pinned, or deleted over the next week or so!

Planning: A weekend to do list. I want to start packing and organising, and the plan is to start with a corner of the lounge room, and a few boxes in the craft room


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