Workspace Wednesday


Today I am working on Project Life planning for week 7, along with clipping all the photos into the spread. The folder on the left is my Project Life and blog folder. I have a year of calendars in the front for recording my posting schedule, along with plenty of lines below to record all of my ideas for future posts, which makes me happy. The second section is a years worth of Project Life planning pages, all dated and marked with the weeks so I’m ready to write all my notes and plan all my pages at any point, which should help me to keep up to date.

On the right, I have my 5 Year Journal, which my sister gave me for Christmas. I love it, and write in it each evening without fail. I also have a notebook, which I use to record lots of ideas for projects, random notes and whatever strikes my fancy, really. I have a Project Life mini album for the Move More Eat Well class I did in January, which I will be updating over the course of the year to record my health and fitness progress. And lastly my One Little Word album, which I keep out as a reminder to work on the prompts and keep my word in the front of my mind all the time.

This is stuff that I pretty much always have out around me when I’m at the computer or working on any projects. I like this set up, and I’m glad I have such a big table!


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