Watching: Plenty of Teen Wolf. I love this show! Season 3 is getting quite interesting, so far!

Enjoying: My new role at work. I’ve been doing this role for a week now, and while it’s taking some getting used to, I’m really enjoying it and learning a lot from it.

Listening: To the Paperclipping Roundtable. It’s been awhile since I last listened to this, so I have plenty of episodes to catch up on. I especially love the Project Life ones! This is great for running, as well.

Planning: Project Life pages. Now that week 7 is finished, I’m ready to start making my layout! Also planning plenty of blog posts for the next few weeks.

Reading: Women’s Fitness magazine. This is about the only magazine I buy these days, and I always enjoy it. I’m thinking about subscribing, and I’ve never subscribes to a magazine before!

Feeling: Like I spent the evening being lazy, but knowing that sometimes I do need the downtime. By the time we had dinner, it was too dark to bike ride

Loving: Family trips to the aquarium and getting to spend some time going through the photos!



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