10 Things – Things I love about Michael


Seeing that February is the month of love, it seemed fitting to me to share a list of things I love about the guy I love!

  1. How much attention he pays to detail. He will research for hours on things that are important to him… Car stuff, kitchen appliances, solar and air conditioning units and much more. And it saves me having to look into it all! 😉
  2. How fun it is to game with him. He’s gotten me well hooked on 2 games so far… Borderlands 2 and Payday 2, and we have spent many an hour gaming over the past couple of months
  3. That he randomly surprises me with flowers. I’m not a fan of how commercialised Valentine’s day is, but he still surprises me at other times of the year with flowers, and it means so much more!
  4. That he is a guy who helps with housework. To be honest, he probably does more than I do, especially when it comes to laundry. It’s the little things like this that make me love him all that much more!
  5. He challenges me to push myself harder with regards to eating well and working out. Somehow he brings out a more competitive streak in me, that makes me work that little bit harder, which gives me better results overall
  6. He is one of my favourite people to travel with. We like to travel at a similar pace of doing and relaxing, and try lots of new things while we are away. Like me, he’s content to stay in the one place for longer, so we can really explore
  7. He’s up for new adventures any time they are suggested… Wine tours, hot air ballooning, abseiling, sky diving, the Color Run, beach trips to see the sun rise, random drives to new places. Anything and everything, really!
  8. He gives me plenty of time and space to be creative and make a mess, without pestering me to keep it tidy or do something else. I need to have a creative outlet, and he’s always encouraged and supported that
  9. That he gets along so well with my family, especially my Mum and sisters. This means a lot since I’m close to my family and enjoy seeing them regularly, and he is happy to come along or have them around as well
  10. That he is just as crazy about  me as I am about him! Crazy enough that he’s even building a house with  me, so he’s stuck with me for the next 30 years or until it’s paid off! And he even lets me have quite a lot of the stuff the way I want it, too!

2 thoughts on “10 Things – Things I love about Michael

  1. Nawwww! You two are the cutest lol haven’t checked out your blog for ages, good to see you’re powering away and life is going well.

    • Thanks, Aaron! Yeah, I’m still powering away! Always 🙂

      I hope the wedding planning is going well for you and Candice at the moment, also, we need to catch up some time 🙂

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