Friday Five

Today I just wanted to share a few awesome things that have inspired me on the net lately…

  1. The 24 hour video clip for Pharrell Williams song, Happy. This is the song playing on repeat, with a new video clip each time it plays. The song along makes me happy! And this is my favourite clip in the whole thing! Because who doesn’t love hula hooping?!?24-Hour-Video-Clip
  2. This post called “Dear Aspiring Writer” is quite good advice. No, I am not the Jessica that it is addressed to, but I still find the tips listed to be inspiring and heartfelt. I’m sure this is something I’ll refer to again if I need a little pick me up for writing!
  3. Cathy Zielski shared a video of her making one of her Project Life spreads, and it was fun to watch and informative. I always like seeing and hearing about people’s process for Project Life, since I usually come away with at least a couple of good ideas!
  4. This TED talk by Kal Barteski. So touching, and it’s hard not to cry! She is really such an inspiring woman, and so passionate about what she does!
  5. And marble painting with nail polishes… How have I never thought to try this??? I used to love marble painting as a kid and have tried lots of different mediums like oil paints, acrylic, food colouring and the likes. I will be trying this for sure!

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