Script Writing

This month I am signed up for the Studio Calico Life: Scripted class, and I have to say, that I am quite excited about this! I have heard of the talented Kal Barteski (the class instructor), and seen some of her work around the place, and it has me quite excited to try my hand at brush script!


Brush script is such a beautiful art form, and I was so excited to get started that I didn’t even wait to watch the class videos or buy the right paint brushes before I dived in. As soon as I started watching the first lesson, I was so inspired I grabbed out some old paint brushes, some black acrylic paint and a green spray mist, and dove straight in! I have to say, Kal’s enthusiasm for her art is definitely contagious!!


And she is obsessed with gouache. I’d never heard of this paint before, but she said the word about 30 times, and I have to say it sounds like a super cool word. It’s pronounced gwash, similar to squash. It sounds awesome! So now, I have to go out and buy some when I stock up on paint brushes!


So, tonight I started out writing hello, some alphabets, plenty of ampersands, all of my One Little Words, numbers, mine and Michael’s names, and a bit more. I wasn’t enjoying painting lines like what was suggested, since my paintbrush didn’t hold enough paint, but it was fun making a start. By no means am I good at it, but I’m sure this will be quite fun to incorporate into projects once I practice more! And I have to say, painting ampersands is much easier and more fun than writing them!


I have quite a few ideas of how I am going to use script words in projects… Day of the week Project Life cards, greeting cards, and a big quote canvas, and I am sure of the next few months I will have more to share!



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