Book Review: Wicked Lovely Books

Wicked-LovelyI’m going to start this post by saying the Wicked Lovely books by Melissa Marr will not be for everyone. I love young adult books, but I know not everyone else feels the same. And these books are about faeries, which is a little out there for some. The first book, Wicked Lovely, did however make it up to number 2 on the New York Times bestseller list and stayed there for 11 weeks, which is always a good sign!

Wicked Lovely: The first book in this series focuses on Aislinn, a mortal who has the Sight and can all of the horrible things that faeries do. She managed to attract the attention of Keenan, a powerful faerie king who is looking for his missing queen, and suddenly everything she knew about the faery world is turned upside down. She falls for her best friend, Seth, and together they face the faery world that she is suddenly dragged into.

Ink Exchange: The second book in this series focuses on the power struggle between the faerie courts now that the Summer King has come into full power. The Dark Court has been left vulnerable, and now their ruler, Irial, needs to try to find a way to look after them. Along comes Leslie, a friend of Aislinn’s, who know nothing of faeries existence. Her life is in chaos, and when she sees a tattoo she falls in love with and convinces herself it will change her life. It does change her, but in doing so, it binds her to Irial and draws her into the sinister part of the faery world that she knew nothing about.

Fragile Eternity: Book 3 focuses on Seth. He’s fallen for Aislinn, and now that she’s an immortal faery queen, he wants to find a way to be with her forever. Keenan is not too thrilled with that, since he stole Aislinn’s mortality to make her his queen, so he spends his time trying to win her affections. Seth seeks a way to make himself immortal, and in seeking out the High Queen, he disappears into the world of Faerie for way too long, which only draws the Summer King and Queen closer. All the while, the Faery world is in chaos, teetering on the brink of war.

Radiant Shadows: The fourth book focuses on Ani, the half-human, half-faery, and Devlin, who is the brother of the High Queen and her twin, War, along with being the High Queen’s assassin. Devlin was tasked to kill Ani, and instead ends up trying to keep her safe from his sisters, who both want her dead. Ani, however, likes to fight battles of her own, since she is part of the Dark Court, and has the courage to protect herself. They are drawn together as they fight keep Ani alive, but with all the threats surrounding them and the fate of Faerie, their odds do not look too good.

Darkest Mercy: The faery world goes to war in the final book of the series. The Summer King is missing, and a new faery comes to town, who signifies the death of other powerful faeries. Aslinn has to look after the Summer Court on her own while searching for her king. Seth, who is sworn brother to the Dark King, and heir to the Winter Queen, ends up making a mistake that could kill him. The Winter Queen, Donia, readies her court for battle, and Keenan is off searching for allies. Throughout the book, War weaves her magic to create chaos and discord until she gets what she is after, and this ends with some losing everything.

These books had me in suspense, especially towards the end. I could not wait to find out what happens next as I moved on to the next book in the series! They were different to what I usually read… Up until this point, I’ve never read any books about faeries, but these kept me hooked.

The thing I loved the most about these books is the perspective used throughout the series… Each book only focuses on a couple of the characters and how they are intertwined, and each chapter changes between the perspective of one of these characters. It’s a really different style of writing I’ve not come across before. And the best part is, tonight I realised there are some side stories that were put out as eBooks, so over the next couple of weeks, I will have some more reading to do!







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