Cooking: Up a storm with 3 pizzas at lunch time, and creamy paprika chicken and mushrooms for dinner

Watching: Pilates videos every second day as we get in the strength training that is doing such amazing things for our bodies at the moment

Reading: Lots of random blogs this week. There have been a few that I have discovered in my random internet searches that I have been quite enjoying!

Listening: To Payday 2 playing all afternoon, as Michael and Jason settled in to game. Actually, I’ve been listening to this most of the week since Michael has been playing a lot more than me this week

Making: A felt Christmas garland. I know, I’ve ever-so-slightly late, but I had the stuff there and wanted a project to work on this weekend, so why not? This will be my first decoration for the new house!

Feeling: Lengthened and strengthened!

Planning: Laundry cleaning tasks and how we are going to rearrange the kitchen. Since the flatmate moved out, we now have 2 whole extra cupboards we can use, which is good since we don’t have a pantry!

Loving: Having visitors, since Michael’s best mate came to visit us today to pick up an air conditioning unit


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