Project Life 2014 || My Plan and Title Page

After seeing lots of posts about how others will be tackling their Project Life albums in 2014, it got me thinking about what I want to do. I can happily say, I now have a plan for my 2014 album! And it’s made me excited to document the year ahead again, which is an enthusiasm that waned in the last 4 months or so of 2013.

My plan involves making weekly digital pages and turning them into a 12×12 photo book at the end. I spend most of 2013 wondering if I should make hybrid pages or a digital book, and realised space and time-wise, fully digital with a photobook at the end is the right fit at this point. It also means I can reprint it fairly hassle free if anything happens to it.

Here is my title page for my 2014 Project Life book:


I’m going to keep some things similar between my 2013 and 2014 layouts, and changing some things up. Some of the similarities and differences include:

  • Keeping a weekly title card, and it will always be the top left of my layout. I find this is helpful to distinguish the week and the dates it covers, so I always know where I am up to. These will be a different format to 2013 though
  • I will also be recording my monthly “I Choose” goals at the start of each month. These will also be a different style to 2013 too
  • Mostly sticking with design A page protectors, but changing these up if I feel like it on a particular spread, for example if I want to include a larger photo. My weeks will also continue to run Monday to Sunday
  • Using different fonts throughout. I love the fonts I used last year, but I want to change these up a little. I’ll share my final choice of fonts when I share my first layouts
  • I’m aiming to include more photos of myself, along with me and Michael together, as neither of us are in many photos in 2013
  • Including more of Michael’s perspective… Maybe getting him to write-up a journalling card each week or 2?
  • Continuing to use a Week in Review journalling card. This was an amazing addition in 2013, it made journalling so much simpler!
  • I will no longer be using the weekly quote cards by Elise. While I love these cards, I found towards the second half of the year, I often had problems choosing a perfect quote for the week out of the remaining options, so this year if I use a quote, I’ll be making it myself. Instead, I will use a 3×4 “Currently” journalling card, or a card with my 5 year journal notes on there
  • Using Cathy Zielski’s Life Basics No 1 Templates for something a little different. I like the less rounded corners and the clean white background
  • I will mostly be using the Midnight kit, but likely mixing in other kits and supplies

To make my process easier, I have set up a my base template already using 2 design A pages, so I don’t have to do this each week. The templates are easy to edit, so if I want to change the design, I easily can. I’ve also designed weekly planning pages, with the week at the top, and days of the week listed down the bottom so I can jot down notes of what I want to include and plan my pages. I love planning my pages with pen and paper! If you want a copy, you can go here or click on the image below to download the file. Each week, I will copy all my photos to the computer and save them in weekly folders so that it is quick and easy to make each spread.

Planning Sheets


Supplies used: Cathy Zielski’s Life Basics No. 01 Template, Midnight full digital kit and Sunshine full digital kit. Fonts are Bariol Regular and KG Second Chance Sketch.

To find out more about Project Life, you can check out Becky Higgins blog here, which has lots of photo ideas and inspiration. You can see all of my Project Life 2014 posts here, and 2013 Project Life posts here. I also have this post of Tips and Ideas for Documenting Week in the Life, which has many ideas that can carry over to Project Life easily.


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