Move Move Eat Well Jumpstart

One of the classes that I’m most excited about for 2014 is Move More Eat Well Jumpstart, by Cathy Zielski. I’m ready to commit to living a healthier life, and moving more and eating well is a huge part of that. 2014 will be a year of change for me and Michael already, so this is one more good change we can work on together!


I haven’t always done to well at sticking to this sort of goal in the past. Over time, I have realised that to stick to this sort of thing, I need to track and record results in a way that looks nice, for me to follow through with it. I’m a visual person, and seeing the progress makes a huge difference! That is where this class comes in… Along with being a great form of encouragement on this journey, Cathy has designed a nice looking set of journalling cards to document the challenges and results. These are set up to be used with a Project Life mini album, so it’s super easy to put together an album. It also helps that I’ve roped Michael and my sister in to playing along this year, so it will also make it easier to follow through!


Cathy will be sending out daily emails with questions and challenges. Some will be about photos, some will be about journalling, there will be videos and printables, a whole online community of forums and a gallery, and a whole lot more. I love the note in the description “You only get one life. Spend January with Cathy taking care of your body and nurturing your soul, and make 2014 your happiest, healthiest year yet.” So in January, I will be all in with this class!


I’ve already have the all the cards printed out and ready to fill in. They’re set up in my Kiwi mini album ready to go. I even have a list of ideas and goals surrounding moving more and eating better. Now to get working on my title page and start getting a few photos that represent moving more and eating well and I’ll be set to go on January 1st!




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